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       Eye Tracking Research Study (June 2018)

           Eye tracking study of AniBooks with Same Language Subtitling (SLS), Rajasthan, India.

        AniBooks for Early Grade Reading, Final Report (June 2018)

           AniBooks with Same Language Subtitling (SLS) for Early Grade Reading, Delhi, India

     Research Article (2015) SLS Impact in Maharashtra

Same Language Subtitling on Tv: Putting Children's Reading Literacy on a Path to Lifelong Practice and Improvement

Research Article (2014)

Same Language Subtitling of Bollywood Film. Songs on TV: Effects on Literacy

Research Article (2011)

Can India's "literate" read

Overview Article (2008) Overview Article (2008) Some Key Findings

Same Language Subtitling(SLS) Project: Some Key Findings

SLS: Research Summary (2007) SLS: Research Summary (2007) Some Key Findings

Let a Billion Reader Bloom:Same Language Subtitling(SLS) on Telivision for Mass Literacy

Research Article (2002)

Reading Out of the "Idiot Box": Same-Language Subtitling on Television in India

Research Article (2004) SLS on Television in India

Same-Language Subtitling: a butterfly for literacy?