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In our conception, a ‘book’ is a reading experience that can travel any audio-visual media platform, including print.  BookBox, which is an offshoot of PlanetRead’s core idea, innovated the ‘AniBook’ or animated book, to support early reading and language skills.
AniBooks flow from a simple fact – children love to watch cartoons. Thus, AniBooks are animated stories for children, with the narration appearing on-screen as Same Language Subtitling (SLS). Every word is highlighted in perfect timing with the audio narration, thus strengthening reading skills, automatically and subconsciously.
AniBooks with SLS have been rigorously tested in schools. In a seven months project, children who got the AniBook intervention scored 69% higher. Schooling plus the AniBook intervention got 84% of the absolute non-readers on the path to reading. The average comprehension score went up 80% among children. In another eye tracking research study, we found strong evidence that when watching AniBooks, school children automatically engage with SLS.  Across all schools and grades, 93.8% school children tried to read along with SLS.