Letter of Support from CEO, Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India)

India's National Broadcaster
A unit of Prasar Bharati
(Broadcasting Corporation of India)

B. S. Lalli
CEO, Prasar Bharati

Prof. Brij Kothari of IIM Ahmedabad met me today and apprised me of the Same Language Sub-titling effort which has been going on for almost 10 years. It seems to me that basically the idea is sound and needs to be started with a greater vigour than what has been seen so far. These are a few other aspects which perhaps have not been thought of and which may add further value. I have spoken about that to Prof. Kothari. Ministry of HRD, Prof. Kothari's outfit and Doordarshan would need greater interaction among themselves to also get some written material on the programmes covered delivered to at least certain select target groups. Interactive approach through letters also can be encouraged. Doordarshan can also utilize this programme to telecast certain social messages. Prof. Kothari said that he would pursue these issues.

I would like the following to take place immediately:

(i) All songs in the feature films shown on our Regional channels will carry sub- titles under this initiative.

(ii) One film in the Hindi belt may also be covered under this programme every week, to begin with.

(iii) Prasar Bharati has a lot of social messaging to do on certain vital concerns affecting our society, particularly that segment of society, which is being targeted through this programme where neo-literates are motivated to improve their acquaintance with the alphabets and to read better. We should include crisp messages during this programme when there is only music being played and the song is yet to begin or in between when only music plays making sure that the message is clear and relevant. With a view to avoiding too much of social messaging during the programme itself, we may also have only one message per song. Some samples be prepared and be please put up for approval.

(iv) All Station Directors be requested to take this programme seriously so that the programme is carried out smoothly and effectively.

I will take a review in April, 2007.

Director General
DG: Doordarshan
(B.S. Lalli)
Chief Executive Officer


(i) Prof. Brij Kothari, Adjunct Professor & Ashoka Fellow,
Indian Institute of Management, Vastrapur,
Ahmedabad - 380015
(ii)OSD (R) - for record and follow up.