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5. Same Language Subtitling
6. No SLS: Eye fixation on TV
7. With SLS: Eye fixation on TV
8. Scientific Studies
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India's 7+ Population, 66% Literacy (2001)

Source: 5-state ORG-MARG survey

Women: 70 % of early & non- literate
Hindi belt: 50% of early & non-literate

Same Language Subtitling
What you hear is what you read.
Indian film industry
1000 films per year

5000 music-videos per year


Dominates content on TV

Passion across class/caste/age
Same Language Subtitling
Why? Reading becomes automatic, subconscious, in everyday entertainment.

Why songs? Hugely popular, repetition, anticipation and instant gratification, adds value for all.

Motivational value for non-literate.

Print-exposure with text-sound association for pre-reading children.
No SLS : Eye-fixation on TV
With SLS : Eye-fixation on TV
Scientific Studies
Eye-tracking research has shown that viewers naturally synchronize the auditory and textual information while watching a film song with SLS. When SLS is integrated into popular TV entertainment, reading happens automatically and subconsciously.
Cost effectiveness
Every US dollar spent on subtitling a nationally telecast program of Hindi film songs, gives 30 minutes of weekly reading practice to 10,000 people, for a whole year! This is the equivalent of one paisa per person per year in India. In specific states or languages, it would range from 5-20 paisa per person per year.
Useful Sites/Links
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